Monday, February 13, 2012

I am the Earth (and other series) my recent exhibition

Rivers of Life
mud, paper collages, pencil, site-specific mural at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
530 x 620 cm

I am the Earth (and other series)

Yudi Yudoyoko, is an Indonesian artist who has lived and worked between Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2003. In the early 1990s, he was one of the artists involved with experimental art practices in Bandung, mainly through the medium of performance, installation and drawing. For two decades, Yudoyoko's practice has been in constant evolution—often marked by radical changes, ruptures and leaps—that accompanied his life journey, artistic experimentation, thoughts and rejection towards the establishment.

This exhibition is divided into two parts. The first shows Yudoyoko's recent works in the form of series of digital prints and murals, entitled I am the Earth, which was done during his stay in Latin America. These works reflect the artist's cosmological views about human life as inseparable part of the nature: flora, fauna, soil and all the earth's dwellers.

While the second part is an effort to revisit Yudoyoko's works that were done in the 1990s. Consisting of installations, objects, drawings and collages, the exhibition part displays A Man and an Egg (1993), Original Sin (1995) and Raja Congcot (1995 - present). In general, these three series of work reflect the artist's comments, sarcasm, criticism and existential statements, as part of the surrounding community and civilization.

This exhibition does not constitute a retrospective display of Yudoyoko's artistic journey as a whole, rather only displays a few important episodes in his career. In a glimpse, Yudi Yudoyoko's artistic journey indeed tend to be non-linear. But precisely through it, we can learn a lot about the nature of creative process of the artist. There, the boundary between art and life tend to be thin and often blurred. Yudoyoko has made his artistic experimentation a way of life, and upheld the definition of art as a totality of life itself.

(Agung Hujatnikajennong, exhibition curator)

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